Tech be nimble, tech be quick, tech don't forget the legal bit

Everything you need to know about building agile businesses in a changing world

Agility matters. Today in high-growth technology firms it is bringing about change, spawning new ways of working and thinking. It is influencing workspace design, changes to employment practices and benefits and even the way that tech firms are able to secure funding.

What is agility?

More than just a buzzword, when done properly putting the customer first, it can achieve outstanding results.


Our report explores in detail how to make sure a company can establish and maintain agility and avoid the many potential pitfalls.

What does agility mean to businesses?

In creating our business agility report "Tech be nimble, tech be quick, tech don't forget the legal bit" we surveyed the views of leaders, managers and HR professionals in technology and growth businesses. 

In this report we consider:


  • How to establish and maintain agility as a business

  • Common pitfalls and challenges to growth

  • How to get funding

  • The people challenges businesses need to consider and overcome

  • Going agile on an international scale

  • Finding the right workspace on the best terms

If you’d like to share your own growth challenges and join the conversation at #TechBeQuick we’d love to hear from you!

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What is agility & why it matters


“Agility is about being able to quickly change
things like processes, structure, products and
services to generate a positive business outcome...

When done properly it can drive
outstanding results. The critical part is that it
must be done with genuinely desirable customer
benefits in mind. It sounds very simple and
intuitive but in my experience many companies
don’t think like that.”





CELFINET is a mobile networks engineering provider. A trusted technology partner to some of the worlds’ leading mobile telecommunications operators, CELFINET provides innovative services and software that enable customers to extract maximum value from their Radio Access Network infrastructure.

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ICON provide corporate finance advice to companies and management teams in high growth technology sectors. We advise on selling companies, raising funding, acquisitions and corporate finance strategy. ICON’s coverage is worldwide, having sold businesses to Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US.

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Vail Williams

Vail Williams is a leading property adviser, with eight offices throughout the South of England and Midlands. We cover all aspects of commercial and residential property advice delivered by highly focused experts who specialise in their particular field of knowledge. 


techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. More than 950 companies are members of techUK, ranging from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative start-ups.  We are committed to helping our members and the sector grow.

Oxford Innovation

Founded by the Oxford Trust in 1987, Oxford Innovation is the UK’s leading provider of innovation centres – flexible workspace and support for early stage science, technology and innovative SMEs. Our network of highly qualified mentors, coaches and other entrepreneurs through part-funded business support programmes help support these companies to unlock their full growth potential. 



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